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Watling Street

This series of drawings explores the  landscape in which my maternal family roots unfolded.

Through walking, researching and drawing I have begun to weave links together, between stories of the past and present: piecing together a puzzle that might re-connect my daughters and I back to some of our lost maternal lineage.

Census records, as well as half-remembered fragments of stories I had heard as a child, kept leading me back to a stretch of Watling St, not far from the Roman site of Wall (Letoceum). An unremarkable-looking but fascinating section of the A5, steeped in ancient and industrial history, as well as half-forgotten family memories. My Grandma had been born on this stretch of road, and both her father and grandfather lived and worked here as miners in the local colliery at Chasewater.  

The resulting series of drawings reflects a personal journey of hauntings, coincidences, memories and invisible connections through time; all embedded in the landscape of a short, unsung, stretch of the A5 and its surrounds.


Selected images from the 'Watling Street' series have recently been displayed as part of the following exhibitions:

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