helen nodding

Fairytales of the Spaghetti Junction and other urban myths

Birmingham's Spaghetti Junction is legendary as being a sprawling traffic interchange, that famously dominates the town's aeriel landscape. Over the years it has become a source of mockery for the city: tarnished as an eyesore of brutalism and epicentre of pollution.  However, many of us that have grown up in the shadow of the Spaghetti Junction have developed an inordinate fondness and fascination for it.  


Beneath it's cold grey steel and concrete appearance lies a world of natural wonder: for it is here that the confluence of the River Tame, Aston Brook and River Rea occurs, an ancient meeting of waterways; a Victorian canal network flows beneath the looming concrete columns, and nature proliferates along the towpaths and tunnels.  Walking beneath the Spaghetti Junction is a magical experience. Seen from below, the towering cylinders take on the appearance of monumental pillars from a Greek Temple.  There is a sense of awe in the air, of timeless mystery. The world beneath the Spaghetti Junction is the stuff of fairytales: fecund with dark enchantment.

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