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The Enchanted City: A study of the creative potential of the 'incidental' in the urban environment

First class honours and winner of the Fiona Myer Award, 2012


Weaving together the themes explored throughout my two-year MFA Research project, the final exhibition took the form of a journey through overlooked material and physical aspects of our everyday urban environment. Detailed observational drawings were brought to life in a sculptural installation that embellished decorative aspects of urban nature and the fabric of the city.  Coated in a rich velveteen flock, the theme of darkness permeated throughout the works on display. Within this 'enchanted' environment the viewer was invited to immerse him/herself within a kind of three-dimensional illustrated storybook: the story's aim was, simply, to begin to suggest the endless possibilities for aesthetic comtemplation that might be experienced on a walk around the city.


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MFA final exhibition

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