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By helennodding, Oct 31 2017 12:21PM

I've always been in love with this little derelict cottage situated around the corner from my flat in the West Midlands. This week, in true Halloween style, my friend Emma and I spotted that the door had been broken into, so I finally got the chance to take a sneak peak inside. The interior certainly didn't disappoint, it's as if the whole building has been frozen in time. So enchanting and spooky!

The local police are in the process of securing the building, so hopefully it won't lay vulnerable for too much longer: but I'm glad I got to have a cheeky glance before they did!

I would love to find out more about the building's story and the history of who has lived there over the years. I also want to find out who owns it now and what the long term plans for it are... and I've resolved to chain myself to it if they ever threaten to pull it down. It's just MAGICAL!

On a friend's advice, I've got in touch with the Birmingham Victorian Society to seek out advice on how to find out if the building is listed and protected. I've also emailed the Birmingham Library Heritage Archives to find out how I might go about researching its history. If anybody has any other ideas about how to establish the history of this little gem, and how it may be best conserved and protected, I'd love to hear from you!

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